Sunday, 1 July 2012

Painting Update of Sorts

The house move "boy's toys" shuffling around continues unearthing long lost "treasures" such as these old Games Workshop 28mm Fantasy "Greenskin Orcs" from the Warhammer 'Starter Pack' of yesteryear, purchased one Christmas long, long ago by my good wife (see said "orcs" below). The accompanying 'Empire Troops' have long since been painted and based as DBR/Impetus Renaissance troops. The orcs were more of a painting exercise in 'green'. The "Chopper Boyz" (blades or warband) are all neatly turned out and painted but their supporting "Archer Boyz" (bows) have still only been undercoated and 'greened'. Well to push them on their way to hedonistic heights of completion I gave all the Archer Boyz's 'bone/teeth' bits a shade of the Vallejo equivalent to Citadel 'Bubonic Brown'. A token gesture on my part, sort of ' I have not forgotten you while you are out old friends' before I put them back in the box and back in the loft. My original thoughts were to mount these not individually but according to the DBx system (at least the DBx basing system seems to be a wargaming 'good point' if nothing else) being "warband troops" of perhaps ancient Briton or Gaulish stock for HoTT or Fantasy Impetus (when it comes as I am sure it will). Heck I may even get to paint some Warlord Late Imperial Romans to fight them one day ;)   

Other newly rediscovered treasures included some 25/28mm plastic Teutonic Knights (that will probably be used in my Renaissance armies), albeit horses currently minus their riders (see below). The Renaissance project seems to have stalled as of late, hmm, all depends on how soon I play another game of Impetus down Hartlepool way methinks.

Another find was a bundle of plastic Games Workshop Empire Handgunners (an eBay purchase rounding out at under 50 pence a figure) destined for Renaissance Trained Harquebusiers of Impetus fame under Emperor Maximilian and the like (see below). They remain stalled from that awful "moving house" status. Standing amidst the plastics are a few Wargames Foundry Landsknechts metals in lowered pile fighting poses.

Alas they all but had a brief moment in the light of painting before the chaos of modern family living (and a very curious two yea old) drove them back to the safer refuge of the garage.

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