Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Greeks in Peril : Good Guys?

Men in Skirts:

Following on from my reading I mustered my long standing 15mm Greek collection into a semblance of City States for inspection. As per the original intention they are in DBA army format (twelve elements and their alternates). Note: Apologies from the relatively distanced long camera shots.

Athens: Mostly Xyston Miniatures, bar the Cavalry which is Chariot Miniatures. I do have the requisite mounted figures in Xyston, but it takes me a long time to paint their 'sculptures' as a good thing deserves not to be rushed.

Again Athens, this time a close up of Athenian hoplites (see below). These shields are awaiting application of the "Little Big Man" 15mm shield decals (some things don't change no matter what period I do, decals always have and will be my bugbear).

Sparta: The hoplites are from Chariot Miniatures, while the "hoard" are a mixture of Xyston Miniatures. The hoplite line has far too many officers (with their traverse crests), I will at some point have to break them out mixing them with the normal rank and file. Painting the horse hair plumes a mixture of white, red and black will help the appearance too. They also need the application of the "Veni Vidi Vici" lambda decals (no surprises there then).

Thebes: "Ooooh" gasps the crowd in pantomime horror. Greeks in alliance at the start of the invasion but they were (historically) the first to turn and go over to the Persians. Understandable when you consider that the line of Greek defense in Attica meant that their Boetian lands were left for the Persians without a fight. Even more ominous is the fact that I have managed to apply the "Veni Vidi Vici" decals (the white club of Thebes) to them. These figures are from Irregular Miniatures and despite their relative cheapness in comparison to other manufacturers they paint up extremely well. In fact I may safely say these are my favourite hoplite figures to paint. 

Sicilian Greek: These boys historically never made it to the show being distracted from the main party by a different 'invasion' from the neighboring Carthaginians (paid by the Persians to cause mischief). Gelon the Tyrant of Syracuse (tyrant  being more a term describing an ancient 'undisputed' king rather than out and out pure baddie, Gelon in fact was recognized as a very capable and enlightened ruler). Again the foot are from Irregular Miniatures and the mounted from Chariot Miniatures. 

Other "non-core" Greek City States: The front army is Thessalian (the only 'horse heavy' Greek army), a collection of figures from various manufacturers (hoplites from Chariot Miniatures, psiloi I think are from Tin Soldier, the horses from Chariot Miniatures and Essex Miniatures). Behind them are the Phokians (no that's their historical name honest), mostly light troops and a few hoplites (all from Essex miniatures - I have to sadly say Essex  hoplites are my least favourite figures of all time, it's the spear pose in particular I don't like, but the hoarder I am I won't throw them away, hence their demotion to possibly the worst Greek DBS army!).   

All the above armies are usually found fighting each other. Only the threat of the massive Persian invasion of Greece in 480BC (or BCE now as some modern historians have it) brought any form of uniformity of cause. The combination of the above armies should also allow me to field a Basic Impetus Greek Army (well certainly one and possibly a Greek (Athens/Sparta) versus Greek (as in Thebes) match up as well).

Back to reading Herodotus, The Histories, Chapter VII now, the Great King has made his preparations and has crossed the Hellespont on his big bridge of boats ;)

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