Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Gauls of Doom: The Warband Lawnmower is Released (DBMM Battle III)

The ineffectual Indian arrow storm from the massed bows had the rather predictable effect as they continued to rain down on the mass of Gaulish warbands (DBMM rules note: Again if the 'correct' modifiers [+1 combat effectiveness of bows not being fired at] had been applied then maybe/probably fatalities may/would have followed ... but instead) enraged warbands took 'outcome' moves shuffling forwards (see below):

Boy those Gauls do look angry and they seem to be "just within" a healthy charge distance of those annoying Indian bows (see below):

A long line of Gauls, including two 'particularly vicious' double warbands supported by light Psilio (soak-offs) manage to hit the Indian archers (see below). The Indian commander starts to look rather nervous and fingers his dice anxiously. 

Meanwhile the "hoards" and "riff-raff" on the Inadian left and Roman right practice marching and turning to face the enemy in parade ground fashion (see below):

On the Roman left and Indian right the Roman "Legion" reveals its "cunning plan", a planned surge at the Indian Chariots (DBMM rules note: On the Legion's turn attacking the chariots seems to make sense by lessening the deadliness of the Indian Chariot's combat factors and the Legion counting attacking overlaps in its favour despite fighting mounted - there was some earnest discussion as to the correct combat modifier interpretation of the latter point). Please also note the flanking move to 'close the gate' on that rightmost Indian Chariot, ow! Good dice will be needed in its combat now (see below):

Meanwhile in the middle of the battlefield the Gaulish warbands attacks are resolved. Stunned silence from the Indian commander as the Gaulish 'lawnmower of death' simply  "removed from play with no thought to the notion of dignity" the double ranks of Indian bows, leaving only outflanked isolated pockets of Indian bowmen to continue a token of resistance (see below):  

The Indian cannot be looking forward to the next round as there are three other equally dangerous warbands just wanting to get stuck in to the attack too. Perhaps the Indian will receive  better news from the chariot versus legion battle?

Rules Note:
Apart from the earnest "chariot v legion" rule discussion(s) DBMM seems to be playing quite well and sensible. Things seem to be fighting in 'formational blocks' which makes historical sense of sorts.

Next: The Carnage and Confusion Mount ...


Paul said...

Good looking game Geordie, although I cannot understand it!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

That's the same impression I got from the overall battle too!

I liked it when it looked good but couldn't quite follow the (too) involved logic for me