Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Roman Garden Strimmer of Death (DBMM Battle IV)

The clatter of broken wheels, chariot and horses ushered in the demise of a Heavy Indian War Chariot (see below):

It had to come:
Then the long awaited session of "bickering DBM style" (and unfortunately still part of the DBMM experience) of "yes you can, oh no you can't" movement and "Zone of Control" quibbling (yawn). The Roman procrastination (I can say that as I was a nominally Gaulish Roman commander) finally relinquished over the disputed "5mm" in question (see below), I kid you not! Anyway we eventually got on with it and rolled the dice. The result was that the Indian's formed a cohesive supporting line, but did no damage to the Roman line.

On the Indian left flank the "masses" of untrained hoard and inferior auxillia edged slowly forwards each other (see below):

Meanwhile another Heavy Indian War Chariot dies, along with a base or Cavalry (see below). It's not looking at all good here for the Indians! What about those Gauls in the center?

Answer: Hellishly brutal, more Indian Blade elements disappear (see below):

This danger to the Indian forces is followed up by a deadly flank turn by the already victorious warbands of the earlier rounds and the committal of the final three angry Gaul warbands to the fray (see below):

The Indian center looks like it is going to 'pop'.

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Al said...

I like reading your ancient battle reports Geordie. Had no idea the 'rules' caused such disagreements:)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Al

Re: DBM, DBMM, DBx rules in particular they seem to generate "rattle and dummy out of pram" moments from the nicest of people I know

Perhaps it is because there are relatively few dice roles other than "do or die combat"