Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pegasus Hobbies: 1/72 WWII Black Sea Marines

These figures came from one of those "I MUST pick it up" moments, when you see a crazy model or set of figures that you know you will never, ever see again and will live to regret it if you put it back down. When you spy it on a model shop's shelf it cries out to you and you vow to "make" a use for it (see below, WWII Soviet Black Sea Marine Infantry):

Sevastopol or Stalingrad their time WILL come, but first I had to assemble them! Over two nights, armed with a sharp craft knife and a tube of super glue they slowly took form (see below):

Plenty of basic rifles (for the troopers to make up two squads), much needed LMG pairs (x4), enough SMG armed types for the NCO leaders, plus two heroically posed pistol wielding leaders makes for a "Chain of Command" platoon or detachment to add a bit 'blue' colour to the otherwise 'khaki' or 'white' Eastern Front. There is even an option to make two 81mm mortar teams, I just made one up as in "Chain of Command" it is an 'off table' element.

The painting will be bit of a challenge but "well worth it".

Watch the painting tray for further developments ;)


Tim Gow said...

An entirely sensible purchase sir!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes they were too cute to pass up on, I remember a Soviet historical Stalingrad "fiction" book (translated and reprinted by the Open University) which had a Soviet Sailor Marine as a supporting character to the story line

So the wargaming though has always been there