Saturday, 26 July 2014

DBMM v2 Battle (3): Rome versus Three Kingdoms Chinese (again)

The broken Roman Barbarians were herded like sheep to their slaughter, in their defense they fought on making sure it was not a bloodless victory (see below):

The long sought after clash of Legion Blade(O) and Blade(S) versus Chinese Blade(O) at last came about (see below):

Two long lines formed. Losses accrued on both sides. To the horror of the Roman Commander he lost Blades(S) which his army morale to half a point of cracking. To be fair the Chinese losses were approaching breaking point too (see below)

A final breakthrough seemed to seal it for the Chinese. A break through next move should surely see victory in their grasp as the mounted Chinese General could be positioned in the Roman rear (See below):

Alas the Roman Knights had caught up with the Chinese cavalry command (that had been falling back but "ran out of room"). The sum total of two small commands AND losses from the larger command broke the Chinese Army morale. Rome was triumphant (again).

One thing had happened though, over the last two games I had been converted to DBMM. It played better than any game of DBM I had experienced to date and allowed progression from small armies using DBMM 100 point, DBMM 200 point up to larger games of full DBMM. This IMHO was superior to playing DBA for smaller games and DBM/DBMM for larger games as the same core rules could be used. So good I went out and ordered a set of rules "to study". As it was clear that despite the "enjoyment" we still didn't know the rules and there was too much potentially bitter misunderstanding and "rule creation" (dangerously falling back to defunct DBM concepts) during the game.    


DeanM said...

Great looking terrain and figs - a very interesting period too!

Sean said...

Interesting battle. It's been awhile since I thought about the DB Etc. series. It all seemed a little byzantine to me, but I tried some of the online DBA and it did not click.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Dean/Sean:

DBMM seems a huge leap away from competition play but the rules need careful reading - almost a study group approach :(

The prize may be worth it