Saturday, 5 July 2014

Plastic Soldier Company Soviet 1/72 Summer Infantry and WWII HeavyWeapons

Following on from my New Years Resolution to de-box my plastic kits or "get rid" (shock, gasp and horror) any infantry that needs some form of assembly comes under close scrutiny. The PSC Summer Soviets fit into that category. Firstly there is the basic infantry (with six LMG teams in the box, three deployed and three moving). The PSC kit is hard model plastic and have some very nicely posed figures that I am really looking forward to paint (see below):

Then there is also their Russian Summer clad "heavy weapons" box of tricks (see below):

This includes a variety of standard Russian support weapons, the PTRD anti-tank rifle both in position and being carried, Maxim MMG in position and being pulled along, an 81mm mortar being fired and a 50mm mortar being fired (see above). The last item being the prize catch IMHO for Soviet light support weapons needed in Chain of Command.


Paul Foster said...

You lucky,lucky man!

Nice poses to paint mate.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I have had these for a while and "finally" managed to get round to assembling them

The US Heavy Weapons, German Infantry and German Heavy kits

Use them in 2014 or lose them is my motto!