Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Zvezda 1/72 Soviet WWII 37mm AA Gun

The strange kit I could only but dream about in my youth. Made under license in Russia the ubiquitous Bofor AA gun in the sacred 1/72 scale so beloved of me. Zevezda do come in trumps with strange exotica (see below):

Famous in my eyes for firing the opening shots of the Stalingrad Campaign, manned by women militia workers firing over open sites at the advancing Panzers. A nicely moulded, no fuss model, if ever so slightly fiddly to put together, hampered perhaps by my choice of using super glue. Got there in the end though :)

I have another one of these to put together plus an 85mm AA gun for my Soviet AA unit.


Paul Foster said...

Nicely done Geordie.

Its a well thought out piece.

Sun of York said...

When I made mine I used PVA glue to strengthen the joins. I do recall I had a real problem with one fiddly piece, but a wonderful little model.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Son of York:
PVA glue? I would have thought that a bit too runny

It's a nice kit, if you see it get it ;)

Sun of York said...

The PVA glue I paint on over the clip in joins to secure them, rather than bond them. I was finding bits were popping out or I was concerned they could come loose, although I must say I was always very impressed at how well parts went together, but there always seemed to be one troublesome bit (that could be easily fixed with knife and glue).



Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I can see your wisdom now, the superglue approach (despite the strong bonds) is way too messy

I am thinking of reverting back to normal model glue