Thursday, 24 July 2014

DBMM 200 v2 Battle (1): Rome versus Three Kingdoms Chinese (again)

Time passed and there was another chance to fight Middle Imperial Rome in DBMM. My Three Kingdom Chinese army once again lined up but this time I matched Regular Blades to Regular Blades instead of bulking out with "cheaper" (I). My main command set up to the left hand side of the battlefield utilising the defensive terrain feature of a hill and wood (see below):

This peculiar arrangement was caused by the "open" right hand side flank attracting my two wing commands of cavalry and bow (see below):

The Romans copied my cavalry arrangement so the battle started with my Chinese infantry line attempting to envelope his (see below):

I was less sure at how to deploy my cavalry and attempted to perform a clever retreat, but like all clever ideas it seemed to come unstuck in execution. I was unsure of how the bows would do against the Knights that faced them (Agincourt?)  and the ghastly specter of them being run down by Blades as his infantry line lapped into the cavalry sector caused a knee-jerk reaction (see below):

What I was trying to do clearly was not going to pull off and I needed to invent a quick "Plan B" which is always 'not a good sign' (see below):

My mistake seemed to stem from wanting to fight a cavalry action (against Knights, I was informed of their "quick kill potential" against cavalry during the game (my steep DBMM learning curve should be apparent here) and not giving myself sufficient deployment space. I had a lovely piece of rough ground behind me I should have used (in hindsight).

More "chaos" to follow ...

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