Sunday, 6 July 2014

1/72 WWII Su-76M (UM Models)

This is a lovely little kit of the Soviet mini-tank SPG that I have absolutely wanted to get for ages, then have taken approximately three years to get around to make it. If truth be told I actually would like to have two for a small Command Decision company, so see you in another five years ;)

The SU-76 is a good little asset to have in your back pocket, a mobile howitzer and packs quite a punch for it's size (the classic 76mm soviet Zis gun) and is handily mobile (see below):

The UM Model kit is finely modeled but has lots of parts (too many methinks for a quick build) so some degree of patience is required in its construction (Hint: Don't try and rush it like all UM kits).

No crew which is a little disappointing (as they are needed IMHO), but there are plenty of candidates in the spares box. Another Soviet "Chain of Command" asset to hand!

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