Friday, 25 July 2014

DBMM 200 v2 Battle (2): Rome versus Three Kingdoms Chinese (again)

Still trying to perform a "miracle maneuver" my inner cavalry formed a column to get them away from fighting an infantry battle (would that have been so bad?) and I retreated my Bows(I) away from the hungry looking Roman Blades(O). Still lacking a plan though (see below):

Meanwhile the main infantry command of the Chinese was looking in good form to set into Roman Barbarian allies. Infavt th eRoman Commander was starting to worry about the fate of his Auxilla (see below, Chinese bottom, Rome top):

The battle started was initiated by the Chinese Blade. Rather than letting the Warbands come at him the Chinese Commander (me) decided to take advantage of the Blade "quick kill" [in its turn] against Warband (rather than visa versa). It started to work (see below):

Meanwhile I won where I least expected it (a single Bow(I) against a Knight) and ended up fighting infantry with cavalry after all. In the process my outer command was clearly going to get "bust" which was a sad sight (see below):

The middle changed my mood as the Roman Barbarian Allies and Auxilla were savaged by my rampant Blade, so much so additional Auxilla and sacred Blades (The Legion) were hurried across to help out (see below):

The battle seemed to be in the balance!

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