Monday, 9 July 2012

When India fought Rome (DBMM Battle Part I)

Joining in as a tactical General to the local Redcar war gamers on going (hypothetical) ancients campaign I was given a command in a Roman Army being attacked by Alexandrian Indians. I was in charge (if such a thing is possible) of an allied contingent of Warband Gauls (see below far left, with the Legion on the right): 

The impressive Indian Army faced us off (see below). Standing on a hill and looking down on the stoic Roman forces there seemed to be an awful lot of them and rather worryingly a lot of mounted, hence the Roman General's choice of as much rough terrain as possible please.

Two "Legions" seemed to be involved on the Roman side. The main battle-line plus a diversionary one placed off to the left (see below). His General was told to amuse and distract the Indian left by taking hold of and then sitting on a large hill. 

Meanwhile a host of Indian Hoards would most likely assail it (see below). The sighting of multiple mounts of Elephants caused some concern in the Roman/Gaul camp. The Roman C-in-C's plan seemed rather simple "Get the Gaul's drunk and let them do all the fighting" and then see what happens.

This would also be an interesting run out for the DBMM rules now that some of the players professed to have actually read them cover to cover (hold the front page). Would this help considering the absence of an impartial umpire? Time would tell!

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Paul said...

Interesting scenario Geordie. Nice comment about the rule reading ability of some players...Me included.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I can also add myself into the 'majority' of none complete rule reading wargamers

I am currently 'wading' through DBA Version 2.2 (I say that tongue in cheek as there are only 11 pages of tactical rules and another 4 pages of campaign rules)

Surprisingly it is the first time I have had the stamina to the the DBx close knit typescript start to finish and it is quite illuminating

But that is as far as I intend to go into DBx land, enough to host a "Greeks in Peril" DBA Campaign in the Autumn