Saturday, 16 November 2013

Dinosaurs .. Thou Shall Not Covet Small Boys Toys

Part of fatherhood or should I just say in general parenthood, is that you are always "seemingly forever" clearing up toys. Every now and then a toy can stop you in your tracks and makes you 'smile' (Lego for example) but also every now and then a toy takes you "aback", as in "Wow, cool! I want it!" (As in - see below):

This beauty (T-Rex) fits nicely into the category of "causes Daddy to day dream of 28mm Victorian Explorers from (Copplestone Castings, Perry's and the like) being chased a cross a wargaming table" (see below):

Perfect for 28mm, don't you think? (see below):

Inadvertently sneaking up on him/her in a jungle clearing and wondering can you get away before "it" turns around. I can almost hear the Jurassic Park "snort" of the T-Rex getting the first whiff of the heroes and villains in its nostrils (see below):

Don't worry, it made it back to the toy bucket ... well this time ;)


DeanM said...

Wow - great paint job on that model - perfect for the game table

Monty said...

Nice one, Geordie; where did you get him?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The best part he (or she) came in drop proof rubber and well painted (actually an understatement as it is better than anything I could do without literally hours and hours and hours of toil)

Cost £16 so it was a "very special present" for my three year old, but he was so taken by it and his mummy and granny were on hand

And ... yes, I do have plans for it (with a simple adventure game for my children and their friends)!

Naturally we will have to play test it first with some of my friends and a few beers ;)

Monty said...

Lol - of course! Cheers ;)

Monty said...

Just ordered one from Amazon for a tenner ;) the missus thinks I've lost the plot, though... :-(

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Monty,

I will immediately distance myself from any responsibility re: said purchase ;) other than to say that your wife is probably/obviously right, but remind her a tenner is much, much less cost than a wargaming "metal version" or "resin" would have cost

Please note the one shown in the photo is the "much better" of the two T-Rex models they do

A few others are worth having too ;) maybe Santa will be nice to you