Saturday, 2 November 2013

France 1940: Return to Tagnon (WWII Battlefront Scenario) 3

The German Probing Intensifies: 

A small scout car (221's and 222's) company edges around the French left flank. Everything is suspiciously quiet, but the question is, "For how long?" (see below):

Somebody's home, well at least a FOO, not much lasting damage, just a bit of disorder and suppression that comes off once the armoured cars find some protective cover (see below):

The central German attack looks more determined and meaning, as the motorcyclists dismount into the woods, but the French receive some last minute armoured reinforcements from the "rushed up" AMR's (see below): 

Sensibly the motorcycle battalion CO draws upon the divisional artillery for some much needed smoke cover and support, as they intend to undertake one of the most difficult assault operations in the infantry manual, attacking across a defended river line (see below):

On the French right flank the Panhard armoured cars bolster up the defence of Aincourt ahead of the spearhead of Panzers (see below):

However all this frantic motorised traffic has been brought to the attention of Goering's Luftwaffe and a 'tactical' flight of two Stuka's comes a calling on the column of AMRs (see below):

The Stuka's dispatch two AMR's with surgical precision, narrowly missing the company commander (see below):   

The French know they are snared in the teeth of the wolf and they will be up for tough fight to the death. If the river line falls there is no other suitable defensive terrain to fall back on.

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