Thursday, 21 November 2013

1944 Late War British Infantry Project - Milestone (A completed Platoon))

Observe the last tortuous steps in this projects progression that started way back in 05/10/2009 (read down to the bottom of this list to see the first post) ...

Here they stand in their box newly "gritted" with PVA  glue and coarse building sand, beach sand and builders grit (see below):

The bases are then flooded with a dark ink wash to fill up the porous sand texture with a coloured liquid. This acts as a coloured undercoat for the further finishing process and detail (see below):

I quite like that newly wet mud look, shame as it does not last long (see below):

Once the ink has dried and sand is firmly fixed in place a quick rugged wet brush of Vallejo "Earth" is applied (see below):

Then follows a highlight of Vallejo "Earth" mixed with Anita's Acrylic "Lemon White", applied increasingly more with a dry than wet brush, increasing up the "Lemon White" content so the last brush is mostly 'white' (see below):

Using a mixture Vallejo "Gun Metal" and Anita's Acrylics "Silver" I highlight the metal parts. I followed this with a powder flock to add a bit of vegetation to the base (see below):

A few clumps of "Static Grass" for the final touch (see below):

The 3" mortar team (see below, top of photograph) and the ever faithful Vickers HMG team (see below, bottom of photograph):

The most useful 'offensive' toys on the table, the two inch mortar team (smoke makers). Two teams, one prone firing the other moving (see below, top and middle of the photograph). Below them is what I refer to as a "prone three man Engineer section with a mysterious box", the truth being I know not what the middle figure has in his hands or is supposed to be doing, suggestions on a postcard please (see below, bottom of the photograph):

Finally a few more squadies or NCO's (see below):

Pssst ... Don't mention the fact that they don't have any "Regimental Insignia" and NCO markings (yet) but I do formally declare "The odds and sods" finished and open for wargaming business, roll on the next game of "Chain of Command"



Al said...

Very nice, I've tried painting ranks before too, very difficult

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It was satisfying to get this far Al, I need a rest and change of "scene"

A project that can trace its origins back to wargaming acquisitions in the 90's that have been added to over the years

I need to get them on tabletop in a few wargames