Friday, 29 November 2013

The Circus Maximus Project: A game or more of a "Frame of Mind?"

Do you covert the laurel wreath? Will you risk all in search of glory at the games? Not even put off by those horrific crash scenes in Ben Hurr .. OK then Avalon Hill's Circus Maximus is for you. It's time to take a the chariot of your choice for a trial race. He drives like a pro ... (see below):

Looking good, then ... Oh dear what could possibly have happened here then? Medic! (see below):

The course will be cruel and unforgiving (see above and below, just look at the number of charts):

Nevertheless a new batch of Colosseum hopefuls (fresh farm boys from the country) arrive (see below):

So I will probably need these extra crash markers painted then (see below):

But will it be ready in time for Xms? All I need do is get twelve 6mm chariot pieces painted, doesn't sound hard does it?

(Ahem, I suppose there is the small matter of reading the rules too)


Duc de Gobin said...

Very interesting to see this old game after so long. Actually, there's a chap in Coleraine (check my blog followers) who I once got the mapboard machined out in MDF for. The scale is 15mm - which is impressive though you need a 6' or 7' table for it to fit. Painted up and themed it would look fantastic. May be of interest.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Duc de Gobin

15mm sounds a grand scale to chariot race in

Time, economics and "where would I put it" mean that 6mm will suffice for now

Getting the first game done will be an achievement, just on pure player logistics