Wednesday, 5 March 2014

DBMM Magnesia: Part 2 (The Deadly Danger of the Short Stabbing Blade)

The Seleucid general meets his doom. In ways in which I cannot fathom the legion just has to beat (not double) a pike on "their attacking turn" to destroy pike. I don't care as it gets me out of a tight pickle but I still am wary of the beast they refer to as DBMM. Goodbye brave Seleucid General history shall forget you, I shall not miss you and those nasty "cataphract legion killing knights" behind you will now have PiP point trouble getting into the fight (see below):   

The other Seleucid pike blocks apply relentless pressure to the rest of the legions, but in "their" turn the legions have a sting in their blade (see below): 

The result is more brave pikemen fall (to the glory of Rome) as the legion buzz-saw goes to work (see below):

Even worse is to follow for the Seleucid plater(s) as a lowly Psilio places itself on the flank of the phalanx as the legion surges forward again. Unable to retreat this time "three layers" of pike fall like sheaves of wheat being harvested in the summer sun, Homer does it better but you get the drift  (see below)

It does not all go Rome's way though as the as the pike surge back t the legion(s) on their own go, however for every Seleucid success (as in push back, with compulsory pike follow up) there also comes a haunting danger as the "phalanxes" continuously risk exposing their [very] vulnerable flanks against the thin Roman line. The Seleucid does struggle to keep his forces ordered as pike sits next to warband, which sits next to knight or elephant (see below):  

It all still hangs in the balance ... to be continued!

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DeanM said...

Great looking battle - lots of pikes!