Thursday, 13 March 2014

Next RN Napoleonic ship: HMS Canopus (80 Gun)

The next ship in my RN squadron is the 80 gun HMS Canopus currently getting fitted out on my painting tray (see below):

Masts and sails are now painted with the first layer of yellow (classic RN) stripes have been applied, which should help her being distinguished as a "friend" rather than a "foe" (see below):

The hull still needs a bit of dark ink shading and a little yellow touch up before I have another stab at some tricky rigging. This time I have at least "drilled some holes in the hull ahead of super-gluing the masts on,"which is a far, far better order.  

I am looking at the possibilities of using "brush bristles" from the Pound Shop instead of the tricky cotton thread, but have not managed to find the cheap £1 brush yet espoused by my fellow Hartlepudlian wargamers, the quest continues (watch this space).  

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