Friday, 7 March 2014

French D2 Infantry Tank circa 1940 (SHQ)

Clank, clank here comes a tank!

This "French D2 Infantry Tank" has spent a long, long time waiting for its assembly, escaping from 'the box of toys in the loft' (approx two years). Nevertheless it is a highly valued asset from the 1940 French "clanky tank" era (the D2 was first in service from 1933). A forerunner of the much more successful Somua S35 and Char 1B models. Characteristics of both of these more successful tanks can be seen from this predecessor.

One thing that kept its assembly at bay is its metal construction with all the filing and super glue that entails. Thankfully it was far more straight forward that previous Propaganda Tank (see below, the turret and chassis are settling with the super glue in a quiet corner of the kichen):     

It certainly looks French in its shape (see below): 

Suitable methinks for an ad-hoc detachment from De Gualle's 4th Armoured Division (DCR). That way I can get away with fielding a singleton in an eclectic company/battalion. Apart from a few wacky French renaissance half-tracks, my only remaining 1940 French want is an FCM tank (not that it was particularly useful on the battlefield, I just "feel" the need for one).

The AFV assembly montage continues ;)

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