Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The commissioning of HMS Canopus (80 Guns)

I have been putting this off for a while now but I faced my fears as in "Napoleonic Ship Rigging". HMS Canopus is put through her rigging paces, firstly with her bow-spit (see below):

Then her fore and mizzen masts, see the innocuous spidery threads appearing (see below):

Tip: It was so much easier having pre-drilled (some but sadly not all) 'thread holes' on the ship before I started attaching the masts and sails (see below):  

Tricky business but thankfully I have a cup of char to hand as HMS Thunderer and HMS Canopus share a berth together (see below):

The aft mast and sail is stuck firmly into its place (see below). Sadly I had forgotten to drill the wholes associated with rearmost mast ropes so there was a 'tense moment' as I had to add another couple of holes.With all three masts in place she is coming together rather nicely (see below):

Half of the RN squadron is now constructed, with another (74) and (100 aka HMS Victory) still to do. Both completed ships (HMS Canopus [left] and HMS Thunderer) really need a 'flag' and I need to figure how to put on some "ratlines" running up from the base of each mast to add a touch of class to the model (see below):  

A little closer look at HMS Canopus. The central rigging does add a bit of much needed internal strength to hold the masts together (see below):

Apologies for any incorrect or misuse of nautical terminology. That is two down and just another "six" (Napoleonic battleships) to go, but I am short of "frigates" so I may have to invest in another Navwar "Fleet Pack" nearer my birthday

Note: As this is way off in the autumn it gives me a fighting chance to complete the "six that are on the stocks" first.



Phil said...


Sun of York said...

Impressive. I've yet to give serious thought to rigging my recent acquired Sails of Glory ships. I like the idea of detailing them, but not sure the end result will justify the effort - it will be interesting to see your ships in action perhaps in a future post?

I see these ships are 1/1200th. That should go well with Sails of Glory. I've only had a few games but have been impressed by the system. I would like to be able to show damage to a ship and that would preclude rigging so I could remove masts.

Very interesting project!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Phil, it is a steep learning curve with these little ships and I am still merely on the foothills

I am trying to keep it simple ;)

Sun of York, I have heard impressive tales of Sails of Glory and hope to play them soon

Your wish of an after action report may come sooner than you think as you only need "two to tango" ;)