Sunday, 9 March 2014

Reunited with "For God, King and Country" ECW Rules

After a long separation, I can happily report that the "For God, King and Country" ECW rule set are back in the bosom of  my rule cabinet (see below):

They have returned undamaged (and unread) from their travels. To recap these rules are the source of my ECW inspiration, north and south of the border (with Scotland). I plan to assemble a Warlord Games 28mm series of ECW armies based on the scenarios from this booklet, this means:
  • Parliamentarian
  • Royalist
  • Covenanter
  • Montrose Royalist
The trick is to spot a nice "budding small wargaming force" that has the potential to build upon. Due to the limited size and scope of the northern conflict (the Montrose Campaign) their armies are far smaller than their English brethren which is great. The English battles though tend to be larger affairs and therefore typically require three to four times as many troops. Start with the Scottish you say, the trouble is I am already ahead in the game of English (albeit) unpainted troops at the moment.

My cunning compromise is to concentrate just on a particular "wing" of a larger battle (Naseby, Marston Moor and Edgehill) and perhaps do a bit of light research to try and find smaller ECW small brigade skirmishes. Any research references appreciated.


Whisperin Al said...

I just got these off the shelf as I was originally planning to use them for my Montrose project but then got distracted by Pike & Shotte.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

How do you rate Pike and Shotte?

It looks a pretty book but at £30 a pop it's on the more expensive side

FGK&C at least will give you a playable game for a medium scenario with straight forward mechanics

Whisperin Al said...

They're OK but have their issues (and whether you'll like them depends on whether you like the Black Powder activation mechanism and pike and shot operating separately). I managed to pick mine up with a discount but it is nicely produced.