Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Greeks and Romans ... tell me who were these Romans?

Whenever one reads about the Greeks (lumping Alexander and the Successors all in as one) there always seems to be a few chapters "comparing and contrasting" the Greeks to the Romans. "Soldiers and Ghosts" is no exception and gives a fascinating recount of the cultural as well as military forces that guided the Roman legionary war machine development (see below):

All these books seem to be drawing me away from WWII modelling intentions (see New Year's Resolutions) but heck "variety is the spice of life". My DBA+ armies of 15mm ancient painting projects 'frozen in time' are now calling me:
  • Republican Romans
  • Hoplite Greeks
  • Early Achaemenid Persia
  • Alexandria Macedonian
But which to start first? The Romans seen to be a bit of a front runner as I already have a Later Carthaginian army in need of the Roman Republican opponent to fight



Monty said...

I have various incomplete Roman armies across four different scales...oh, dear...

Sebastien G said...

True. Romans would be the easy way. But I'd prefer hoplites ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Sebastion G the hoplites "would nicely finish off a wargaming collection before I move onto something else

But I am torn which to chose, pragmatically the smaller collection may hold sway

Monty: You bad boy! I have at least avoided scale creep with respect to my ancients so far, being a 15mm metal man, however those 28mm plastics may break me!

What four scales?
25/28mm, 15mm, 10mm, 6mm?