Thursday, 2 June 2016

Chain of Command: Normandy (Part II)

The German Panzer Grenadiers, despite hindered by 2" British mortar smoke, pour a merciless level of fire into "Polygon Wood" (see below):

Too hot for First platoon. Sergeant Hardy down, even the cool Lieutenant Cream could not hold the boys back and they piked out of the wood in unmistakeable 'rout' formation (see below):

Meanwhile from the hard cover of the graveyard another German Panzer Grenadier section blasts away at two fresh English "Tommy" sections (see below):

Again the fire is devastating and "shock" mount on the Third British Infantry section on the far right of the British line (see below):

Things take an even turn for the worse as the heavy calibre barrel of a Tiger Tank rounds the corner of a French farmhouse (see below):

Through the narrow periscope slit the gunner begins acquiring a bead on the remaining fresh British Infantry section.

To be continued ..

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