Wednesday, 8 June 2016

WW2 Wings of War (WoW) Fun

I turned upon spec to my local Hartlepool club straight into a Wings of War WWII "fun pick a plane and join in night". Randomly posed battle shots of beautiful 1/200 scale aircraft follow (see below, a Zero takes on a B26 Marauder):

A P51-D Mustang (see below):

A deadly Fw 190-D (see below):

A much maligned Me110 "Destroyer" that I flew as my second ride of the night, taking cruel advantage of a crippled (with a smashed rudder and so could only fly in a straight line) Spitfire (see below):

My first charge of the night, a ME 109, that came rather unstuck in a head-to-head fight with a Beaufighter (see below):

Another closer look at the "American (Medium) Heavy" the B26 Marauder (see below):

How I met my end after tangling (unsuccessfully) with a cannon armed Beaufighter (see below):

I just hope I am picked up after floating around in a yellow life raft, ready for another mission some time soon! Well I enjoyed the hotch-potch melodrama and look forward to painting some of my 1/144 WW2 collection. The only trouble is the rule system is based on cards designed for 1/200 so I will be in search of an alternative (but simple, even hex based) rule system.

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