Tuesday, 28 June 2016

They came from Outer Space (1): Space Crusade Mission 3 Counter-Attack

Records of a game played circa Xmas 2015 have been discovered by the Imperium Librarians. Let the dark tale be told in all its gruesome detail.

Cue thematic music .. Space Marine counterattack. Mission brief: Wipe out all alien creatures as per Space Marine prime directive, "If in doubt - Shoot to Kill." Especially since no Dreadnought is ' known' to be deployed. So no heavily armoured nasty blasty, blasty thing is in town for the minions of Chaos (boo hiss). In go the Space Marines (see below):

Red Team (aka The Blood Angels) go looking for 'critters' and find one which is neutralised rather inhumanely (see above and below, note in the background Blue Team, the Ultra Marines, seem to be having an Op Group or are playing cards while the Blood Angels 'string out' [Oh for a Genestealer attack random event]):

The Space Hulk level seems strangely quiet, is it a trap? The Chaos player is playing the 'long game' awaiting attrition to the "Space Marine Corp" through as many random event cards he can get into play. Blue, Read and Yellow teams (the infamous Imperial Fists, bodyguards of the 99% dead Galactic Emperor, nice one lads!) go hunting for little green men and silver robots hiding in dark corner. No luck until Sgt "Very Lucky" from The Fists finds "the corridor of death" all by his little lonesome (see below):

The clatter and discharge of heavy bolter, spore guns and other hideous items of chaos weaponry brought the rest of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Troopers running to form a protective bodyguard around their beloved leader, as befits their tactical operations manual (see below, whew another dangerous situation stabilised):

Meanwhile the Blood Angels had stumbled into a room full of dangerous Terminator Necron Androids and Chaos Space Marines armed with heavy weaponry thatbmade loud, big bangs and were designed to make large holes in nice Space Marine armour. An exchange of fire started immediately after the door opened with patent Star Trek "hiss" (see below):

Operation proceeding to plan. Noisy, messy and utterly chaotic, with the Ultra Marines no where to be seen where there was a remote bit of danger ;)

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