Monday, 13 June 2016

Eastern Front (1) Chain of Command: Germans v Soviets

The OoB:

  • German Infantry Platoon + Adjutant 
  • Russian Infantry Platoon + Extra Infantry Squad

The same terrain as used for the Normandy battle, but this time used correctly going across the table (East [Nazi] - West [Sov]) instead of the narrower up/down (North - South) which should mean more room for maneuver (see below) :

Both sides get an even amount of positioning in the Patrol Phase, but the Germans get the better of the Command Dice as the Russians had to effectively "miss a go" rather than let their Senior Leader face the 'might' of the Germans all on his own (see below,the Germans take up strong defensive positions):

When the Russians got onto the board they decided to use the cover for as much effect as possible (see below, nore the Russians moving into "Suppression Wood" as named after the last battle):

An exchange of fire sees the first German casualties in the 'turnip field'. One suppression and a KIA (see below):

The Russians keep up a telling fir on the lone German Platoon in the 'turnip field', while avoiding with the two German Platoons to the top (north) of the table (see below):

It comes at a price as "Suppression Wood" lives up to its name in true style. The young headstrong lieutenant commanding the Russian First Platoon becomes another casualty of this struggle of ideology. The Russian Captain (Senior Commander) has to step in (see below):

As it stands the game hangs in the balance. Can the Germans afford to stay passive, not being elite German Panzer Grenadiers means only half as many MG42s!


Al said...

nice to see some of your toys out Geordie :)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice to get those Sovs on the table. They were just testers (regards to the paint jobs) as I have many more interesting metals and plastics to follow up on!