Friday, 3 June 2016

Chain of Command: Normandy (Part III)

The British responded with their most effective countermeasure, smoke. The little two inch mortar churned out smoke like nobody's business aiming to blind the Tiger. Instead they blocked line-of-sight (LOS) to one of the uber effective German MG42 teams, which was of least some cold comfort (see below):

The Tiger spoke as it now had clear LOS to the last "fresh" British infantry (see below, twenty five years and it has finally spoken in anger on a wargames table, but its wargaming destiny is not fulfilled until it takes out an Allied tank, preferably a Sherman):

Trouble enough for the infantry as although o kills the "shock" starts to mount on the resilient British Infantry as this French of farmland looks destined to become a graveyard (see below):

More smoke, but to no avail the Tiger's terrible 88mm is readying another in its barrel (see below):

With the battlefield shrouded in smoke the British only hope was to get their slow but armoured bulk of a Churchill into the fray. However the German MG42 teams in the graveyard (off picture to the right, see below) opened up again spelling disaster for the remain British Infantry (see below):

Enough was enough, the British broke and with that the British Force Morale crashed to zero. The Britisg retreated and left the field to the Germans as the Churchill found its reverse gear (see below):

This was a good run out for the rules. Lots of things remembered, lots of things forgotten but remembered later in those "Oh yes" moments and lots of sections to read again, but very enjoyable fun. Far too hard for the British, the German Panzer Grenadiers were hard enough but to give them a Tiger was just plain nasty. To put this into context, to be a fair booklet game the British should have had a 2d6 +5 support points, with the German half the British total of support points. Er, I had it almost the other way round, the German Tiger counts as 10 support points, the Churchill was 7 support points so I should have really put a Sherman and Sherman Firefly in the Support pool too.

Er, next time (I'll read the book a little more closely)!


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