Monday, 27 June 2016

Playing around with "Speed Painting" some "Fantasy" with "Washes"

Fantasy Interlude : Explained

Some friends visited and I entertained myself and their kids on how to paint up shome D&D plastic/resin figures that came with the Ravenloft AD&D game. Before they came I remember "up in the loft" I had an old D&D boardgame with some chunky (and cast/injected in slightly bendy plastic) so I had a 'cast of thousands' myself to demonstrate on (see below):

Many dubiously chunky looking monsters (and four characters figures ) that looked 'easy' painting exercises (see below):

After washing in soapy detergent water to remove excess grease, I primed them with Humbrol/Airfix 01 Grey Primer. When dry I liberally splashed on Vallejo Brown Sepia Wash from a huge dipping jar I had acquired (see below):

The detail is not bad and comes out beautifully and certainly is in contrast to a naked 'bare plastic' figure. I took the kids model to the painting stage, but that night and following day I primed and washed the contents of the D&D started box.  Quite therapeutic as no real decision was required.  

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