Monday, 20 June 2016

Eastern Front (2) Chain of Command: Germans v Soviets

The Soviets put pressure on the isolated German section by fanning out another section into a firing line along cover (see below):

It works as 'shock' and 'KIA' mount on the startled Germans (see below):

Finally there is only the Adjutant left who is ruthlessly hunted down and also eliminated (see below, actually the Soviet player was the father shooting his son! Teaching his protege that "all is fair in love and war"):

However, the trade-off is not all one way, as the German rifle section on the central hill manages to take out the Soviet LMG team with accurately aimed fire. As the only Soviets in LOS are the LMG team, they have to take it (see below):

The survivors however are capable of being 'shocked' but as it happens not quite "pinned" (see below):

It all still hangs on the balance but the complete elimination of the German section with all its leaders has seriously dented their Force Morale. They cannot afford another reverse!

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