Thursday, 2 February 2017

January/February "Big Battle" in Seventeenth Century ... somewhere inthe 'LowCountries' (Part 7)

Sadly I missed the last instalment of the "Big Batle". However I was fortunate to receive this update from one of my fellow commanders ...

"The French are pressing the attack on their left (the allied right). One battalion has left the town in column. The allied cavalry allowed them time to form up before charging!" (See below): 

My comment: The French march remorselessly onward (see below):

"Fortunately after a little persuasion one allied cavalry squadron ploughed in. The infantry were shaken by the charge and fired high missing most their targets. In the ensuing melee they were routed from the field hotly pursued by the allied horse." (see below): 

"Also both towns on the left of the allied lines fell with the allied forces eventually fighting to the very last man. The French forces on their far right were sent orders to turn the allied left since the towns had fallen. Their forces came out of the town in column and then lined up at the river. They exchanged volleys with the defending allies who reformed to face them. The French volley was largely ineffective but the allies withering return volley caused the French to run." (see below): 

"Despite this local success the allies are only slowly forming a viable defensive line against the ensuing onslaught of infantry ploughing through the towns and fields on the allied right." (see below): 

"Still the situation on the allies right looks difficult. As the French bring more of their troops to bear, the allies are awaiting the appearance of the Dutch guard, who they understand are marching down the road in support. Can the allies hold their nerve?"

The battle continues ... and I hope to rejoin it :)