Monday, 13 February 2017

SimWar FireMove "Lost Battle of 2016" (Part II)

As the British Commander (me) pushes his troops across the British right hand side of the table the attrition (via casualty points) rises and "ammunition expenditure" also threatens to deplete the attack soon. The British forces are pretty much committed now, the "Reserve" a measly single platoon. However a degree suppression in middle has been achieved. The British left hand side is "keeping them honest" attack is waiting its moment before committing as the German Platoon dug in on the low hills would be deadly in a close assault counterattack (see below, the British Commander still "feels in control" of events):

All British forces are committed, the British for got it on both the left and right flanks. Things look promising look promising on the right but could get hairy of the left as that German Platoon dug in on the rolling hills refuses to be suppressed (see below):

The British attack hits a grinding gear change that is painful to the ear.Although strong in stands the deadly effects of suppression mean that the British Infantry is suffering "under the guns" on the British right flank. On the British left at least they have managed to get numbers up now (see below):

Through German Fire and British Ammunition Expenditure two British Infantry platoon are removed. Their loss is sorely missed. The stalemate on the British left, while frustrating, is less serious than the failing infantry attack on the British right (see below, note the British are at 25% "ineffectives" while the Germans as yet are untouched):

The British Commander asks for one last push from his troops. They duly comply but suffer another two infantry platoons lost, but at least have reached "close quarters" with the enemy (see below, the British have lost five. One ray of sunshine is that the German mortar has now expended its ammunition and is no longer a factor [three combat and two ammunition depleted] infantry platoons with seven still active plus the HMG and mortar support);

Although a good round of close combat could see the British "get back in it" time is beginning to become a major factor. British casualties have been heavy (almost 50% removed and 25% KIA/injured). So far the German defense has bend but not been broken.

Next: The last push!

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