Monday, 27 February 2017

Online Games .. I gotta hand it to my kids ...

.. they sure know how to play these things. They are fearless little souls who mike-up and play very collaboratively with their class mates from school. Respect. Me I am a silent, dumb "World of Tanks" Tanker who is usually burning five minutes into a battle, peppered by multi-barrelled ordnance from all directions to the disdain of my team-mates. It's all those buttons to press, but which one, I seem to press all mine at the same time and therefore do nothing but become a sitting duck! ..

Anyway I would like to share a wry smile I had as my eleven year old handed the joystick to his younger brother as he took a (long overdue) 'break' from "Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare 2" game. He was getting "mullered" by his friends and he said to my youngest "Have a go, but don't cry as they will kill you, they are just too good, but go in and just have some fun". Respect as he was sharing and caring. With a broad wide smile and gleam in his eyes my youngest entered the fray with his favourite Zombie character, a bizarre looking Pirate. I expected him to last mere seconds but he remarkably turned the tables on my eldest's tormentors by activating a super-cannon and repeatedly "one-shotting" them. His tiny-little hands were doing something the older boys hands were finding impossible. Turns out they could activate the canon but not fire accurately whereas the tiny terror lined up his shot first then activated for a killer effect ... a useless character to the older kids was a deadly assassin in the younger's hands


I will never forget the amazed "How did he do that?" a befuzzled cry came from the PS4 box. "That's my boy" I thought as the hunters became the hunted. Another inspirational thought, he was not afraid to fail but picked himself up and fearlessly tried new things, just laughing when things got tough! Inspirational.

Maybe I could also be in possession of my World of Tanks secret super weapon :)

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