Saturday, 11 February 2017

US WWII Carriers WIP ... now "Mounted on Bases"

The early war US CV's mounted on bases. Two things to note, one from a historical context regarding their dimensions and configurations namely (see below):
  • The USS Wasp is small, as per reflected in all historical commentaries but so much more noted on model (forth up from the bottom)
  • The USS Lexington and USS Saratoga are large, even though converted battle-cruisers and so not ideally configured for CV operations their flight deck space is impressive (second and third up from the bottom)
  • The USS Ranger looks very ungainly and I can only imagine those smokestacks being operationally awkward (bottom of stack)
  • The USS Yorktown, USS Hornet and USS Enterprise (top three on stack) seem a very good step in the correct direction but seem to be fighting to be bigger, something the Essex class clarified successfully  

Second thing to note: This is the best way of assembling them. First "unflashed" lead is (UHU) glued onto card stock already annotated underneath with the ship's characteristics ready for the second  DIY "sea-scaping" to quickly follow, followed by undercoats (and then official ship and sea painting).

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