Friday, 9 September 2011

Lost Wirblewind Found

There is a lot to be said for lateral thinking and a late night Friday night-cap of Hoegaarden beer.

(Note: It's powerful stuff so I just have "one" these days as a treat. I remember in my youth staring down at a circle of lemon floating in this Belgian wheat beer thinking it was harmless stuff, I'll have another and what the heck another for the road. Next day waking up my bed wondering where did the elephant go that sat on my head last the night? It has a kick to it, but I digress.)

I was thinking if my youngest did "file the Wirblewind" (see previous post) as part of one of his "learning games" it was not a certainty that the "bin" was used, looking around the room my eye was drawn to his clothing chest of drawers. He likes to put things in them from the back, I wonder ...

Not in the bottom drawer, but sure enough the middle draw was housing an under-coated  black, 1/72 ESCI Wirblewind as well a collection of stylish young man's (under 2's) jumpers. All I have to do now is paint it before he really does puts it in the bin!


A happy ending to a horror story


Paul said...

Huzzah! Beer is a wonder cure for all ales!

Drink On Geordie, drink on!

David Crook said...

Phew! Thats a relief!

It is a nice model as well!

All the best,


Tim Gow said...

Not a problem I've ever had to face, but I'm glad it had a happy ending.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Perhaps it was a desperate cry for help from the Wirblewind, shouting "Paint Me or I'm Off"