Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Second Battle of Impetus: The Darkest Hour

My camp gone (three disaster points accumulated), my artillery piece looking vulnerable and rampant cavalry in my rear at the hands of a genius commander. Meanwhile on the up-side I was killing his "stubborn infantry" [stubborn as in it negated my lovely cavalry impetus factors] but on the down-side it meant trading my valuable knights and Men-At-Arms in the process. Deep, large formations of Men-At-Arms are very impressive as they can transfer casualties to their rear ranks, keep the front rank fresh and keep going.  

What could go wrong next, apart from "shot" hiding in pike failing to come out which grinds the Renaissance killing machine to a halt for a couple of turns until things disentangle themselves (see below: the rather static looking pike formations below looking devoid of wings of "shot", all of which are hiding in the midst of the "pike", stopping them move). The cavalry formation on my 'baseline' where my camp was is definitely NOT friendly!. 

It is looking rather perilous for those knights/Men-At-Arms stuck on a hill, their rear exposed to the deep penetrating cavalry clump. Before they could be rounded on from the rear the knights expire the fighting infantry to their front, but at least my Men-At-Arms finally can some satisfaction and kill their tormentors, only to see a hoard of Cataphract cavalry come charging in (bows unslung for a stinging missile attack).

Told you so, the rear attack is lined up meticulously, despite their deep formation the Men-At-Arms are going, going  ...

Still going, going (Cataphracts to the front, medium cavalry to the rear), fighting bravely  ...

But finally "gone". I am at nine disaster points to my opponents three. My only hope is to get my infantry going fast rather than like at the dawdle so far, but is it all still too little, too late?

Next: Crunch of Pike

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