Saturday, 17 September 2011

My Second Battle of Impetus: This time it's for real

The 28/25mm Renaissance boys were packed up and transported down to the club for a friendly blooding. I am still borrowing my horse types and a "bit of pike" as I like to use the more packed (sixteen as opposed to eight figures per single) rank "aesthetic" formations.

I set up against a horse army, an experimental choice by the player as he wanted to see how it played. His words, your Renaissance (pike) looks very scary (and I hope it did). I tried to constrain the battlefield frontage as much as possible. I got a river and that shaved off a third of the battlefield, I put a forest on the other bank and I had a secure flank. I then placed a hill to my right hand side which was NOT a good move  I was being greedy for defensive terrain but I have an offensive army, I should have noted the paradox. In hindsight I should have "given" it to my opponent as a distraction.

He was over yonder, lots of bow armed cavalry.

A close up of his bow armed Cataphracts (the big silver formation) above, plus somewhere "hidden" are some foot in "ambush". Interestingly he has a "genius" general. On his left we see his camp guarded by a detachment of cavalry (bow armed of course) and some skirmish types.

So far, so good, I thought my left flank of infantry was secure against the river and was happy my armoured mass of cavalry (Germanic Men-At-Arms and Burgundian knights) was in its correct position over on my right. This was an error, as I had stuck them behind that silly hill I insisted on putting near me!

A final side-long glance at the table before we start. It does look pretty.

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Al said...

Great stuff Geordie, a nice diversion

SteveI said...

Very nice, now where is the rest of the report;-)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Al :)
Diversion is becoming a theme

Patience it's coming :)