Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Second Battle of Impetus: The "Pike" Rebound and the "Big Gun" copis it

While horse flesh clashed on the hill, as my mighty knights/Men-At-Arms tottered, the Renaissance Pikemen were finally driven with renewed frenzy and rushed headlong at the enemy camp (this reversal in fortune was partly assisted by readily needed coaching tips from the sidelines, as gamers from other finished games of Impetus gathered, drinks in hand as spectators to this battle).

Multiple successful rolls of discipline and a disdainful attitude to the inevitable disorder amongst the packed ranks, the pike steamroller drove all the way across table, scattering a pitiful skirmish formation (a mere "speed bump" as chronicled by the now drunken spectators) and clattered into the enemy camp. Now you see it (above) and now you don't (below):

The thought of fierce Pikeman adorned with plundered frilly cavalry pantaloons and breeches caused much amusement to the throng watching. Within the space of five minutes the disaster scores had evened out to a more balanced (3 + camp=3 + skirmishers=1) seven/ten (I too had lost a lowly skirmish unit=1 + existing nine).

The pike were not finished yet, they about faced to support the sister pike formation intent on skewering some cavalry. I must admit the thought of pike chasing down horse did seem a little unlikely or strange, but this was an Impetus learning experience. Meanwhile I lined up my "shot" to defend my cannon against a cavalry charge from the hill (on reflection perhaps they should have reformed/moved with the pike).

The inevitable attack came from the hill, deft cavalry manoeuvring made short work of my bronze piece and I thought it was all over.

However adjudication from the side revealed that even with ten disaster points my army was not yet broke (there is a lot of value tied up in that pike and so far it was untouched). Game still on, but just another unit of shot would do for my opponent..  

Next: The Gripping Finale

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