Friday, 30 September 2011

Regimental Fire & Fury ACW (1): Gettysburg - Little Round Top

Vincent's Brigade holds Little Round Top (Vincent being the lone commander figure atop of Little Round Top, with sword posed heroically aloft). Chamberlain the "Gallant" [F&F Regimental terminology] Commander of the 20th Maine (Union troops below on the far Right Hand Side) faces the onrushing Confederate hoard and their terrible Rebel Yell.

"Today sir you are the leftmost unit of the Union line. Today sir you must be stubborn, for if you fail the Union line will be flanked". No pressure then! A slightly wider picture of Little Round Top is seen below.

The Union stand fast, hold their fire until they see the "whites" of their enemy's eyes and roll a 10! Devastating fire yes as two stands of Confederates fall, but the 20th Maine immediately go "ammo low" (with no chance of replenishing during the scenario, which has to last another six turns). They don't like making it easy for you in the Union Army.

The first Rebel charge is successfully checked but there will be more to come. The wider battlefield picture (below) shows the disjointed Union line. The fortified defence of Little Round Top by Vincent's Brigade  is rather compromised by their supporting brigade's forward line of deployment. Already the Rebels see and seize the opportunity. 

The Rebels commit to another frontal assault.

They face Veteran Union infantry who take aim and hope to emulate their friend Chamberlain.


Paul´s Bods said...

I don´t think the rebel´s next assault is going to go well...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

You never know (see next post re: Peach Orchard)

whisperin' al said...

Looks a fun game. I picked up the Regimental rules but have yet to get them to the table (house move largely to blame).

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Al, they are well worth a go

But the first thing I found was that my Brigade F&F experience was frustratingly giving me a false, counter-intuition

I had (and am having a sharp learning curve)

But it is fun and the "table space" is there to be crossed during the course of the game :)

Big moves I like that