Monday, 26 September 2011

Return of the Painting Tray

Not only return of the "painting tray" but the "painting tray" has been allocated a spot in the main house ... STOP PRESS ... !!! Plenty of space for models (notice TWO HMS Hood's, one metal and one plastic, and a collection of "H" Class RN destroyers in 1/1200 scale, and two Impetus bases of Germanic "Men-At-Arms" 28/25mm), paints and brushes. All illuminated by overhead halogen light which managed to "blow a fuse" four nights ago.

Admittedly the painting area has an effective "cloak of concealment" (i.e. a quick close the writing desk and nobody would guess at the existence of my hobby, bar the "quirky" library, not many Dan Brown novels there!). Meanwhile here's a sneak preview, see below, of my 25/28mm Germanic "Men-At-Arms", painted and part based (they still need a little paintwork and flocking on the bases).

The "man cave"is not as remote as before, so there are interruptions but it is much warmer and I get more cups of hot tea delivered. Look carefully (see below) and you should be able to see the lower hull of HMS Hood in 1/200 scale and Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (HRE) in 28/25mm.

My work can be scrutinised by wife, children and cat (sometimes the latter is more interested). The Royal Navy is in town, 1/1200 (darker grey) plastic Airfix "Sink the Bismarck" kit in front of a "newspaper special" metal kit. The destroyers are Argentinian copies of the ubiquitous RN "H" class purchased amongst a random lot on eBay. The intention is to use six of them them back as RN destroyers escorting the "Mighty Hood" and "PoW" as they head towards the Denmark Strait.    

The final chap to show you is an old friend:

"Maurice the Spy", aka Airfix Lysander passenger, under-coated and base-painted but waiting for that loving mid/highlight as he runs for his life away from the Gestapo or jealous French husband.

Rest assured the above tidiness is long since a thing of the past ;)


David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Yay for the return of the painting tray! I winced slightly as I saw the 1/1200th kit - painful memories of what might have been!

Beware the feline though - they can watch in a detached yet interested way for seems like weeks, lulling you into a false sense of security before striking....;-)

All the best,


Paul said...

Good to see the space in action. Nice collection of shipping as well.

I hope the moggy appreciates the effort mate.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Re: Cat, must "fine mist spray" as a deterrent

I seem to be a Magpie when drawn to shipping

We'll see if I can get a game out ot it

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

In my experience if you want the game badly enough then the models are almost a secondary consideration!

1/1200th warship models are the gentleman's preferred choice for naval wargames....;-)

BTW - love those H class - where did they come from?

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The "H" class look-a-likes were spotted in a random eBay bunch/box of 1/1200 metal kits for £40 (40 kits)

Such a random jumble, I spotted something that looked like a "H" class Admiralty and thought it was worth a punt, manufacturer still unknown

Eight in total, should do for the Denmark Strait "what-if" scenario and "First Battle of Narvik"

Random result as half were post-WWII modern frigates and a few bizarre WWI gun-boats and the like

Russian light cruiser/flotilla leader "Tasschkent" was of interest too