Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My Second Battle of Impetus: Things start moving

Facing a genius general has its disadvantages, like inevitably going first and showing your hand. The first big mistake is shown below. Maintain aim and focus, do not just wander over the battlefield.

I started by breaking the cardinal ancient maxim of "do not fight where you do not have to". Do not simply extend the line because it's the done (and bad thing). Guard your flanks and put appropriate troops in appropriate terrain. My knights and and Men-At-Arms are wandering over nice defensive infantry terrain. A clever man would have refused this flank and advanced his pike blocks at great speed (to see what was behind the crest of the hill).

The pike does move but slowly (what's behind the hill?). I was also experimenting with the "shot" fixing itself onto the pike in "wings" to gain a protective bonus if attacked by cavalry (it disappears into the block on a successful "discipline roll").

I find out what is behind the crest, spear armed shock absorbing infantry that can stand up to attacking shock cavalry in this terrain. My mobile troops have become immobile. Hmm, not good. But look what is happening over on the left.

My unit of "shot" were disordered and shot up by a fast moving unit of bow armed cavalry that charged in for the kill. The "shot" ducked inside the pike block instead of "tuffing it out". Sensible if I had a back-stop. OK second mistake. If only I had refused the right and kept a reserve of cavalry, it could have creamed this attack but alas it is now "stuck into solid hard infantry". Or have turned the pike block gently as to have covered the shot in a ZoC (Zone of Control) rather than have it face straight ahead - the latter being a Impetus "defensive wibble" move one has to learn. Alternatively I should have raced at his horse with my pike!

My pike blocks were also going static with "shot" hiding inside of them. Defensive bonus yes, but an offensive limitation. Result, deep penetration and "bang goes the camp". The poor old gun just could not swing round in time to get a shot.
Ow. This is really a smarting learning tutorial. Still if only if I could get those pike blocks moving. Next: Just when you thought it could not get any worse ...


Dan said...

Always protect the flanks and keep a fast reserve, better luck next time.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Wise words indeed

(Where were you when I needed those sage words, when I was facing the wrath of a young teenage Alexander!)