Sunday, 4 September 2011

One of my Wirblewind's is missing: Collateral losses

Incident Report:

Bless the inquisitive nature of a small child, some fifteen months old (when the crime was committed). Returning home one evening I was greeted with the usual family pleasantries, all was as normal or so I thought. It was only later in the night did I discover that Daddy's play cupboard security had been breached. A minor case of a disgruntled dad and slightly amused mummy for the evening in BAFTA award winning mock consolation. Hmm.

You see things were rather a jumble in the 20mm section.In particular the "assembled and under-coated black" WIP tray. Hasagawa 20mm Churchill I and II's were scattered about and the Japanese Chi-Ho was rather Chi-Lo without a turret and Panzer IV tray was "upside down". (I could not bring myself to photograph the damage.)

However order was restored I thought the "damage" was limited to an unfortunate Churchill Mk I that was missing its 20mm main armament (some would say no real loss there then) and also something which could be replaced quite easily from the spares box. All was calm :)

However only recently did I discover there was a deeper missing "blank" where my Panther Battalion's (a very slow moving WIP wargaming project where I am still really assembling all the kits) AA platoon should have been. The neatness of the "pluck" was in stark contrast to the other mayhem. The search turned up nothing, so the Wirblewind (ESCI kit) is now posted MIA, but rather worryingly was the proximity of the crime scene to a waste basket.

Even more worryingly is that my youngest son (the felon/chief suspect) had a favourite game about a month ago called "putting things that were not supposed to go there in the bin". He was just copying what we did, that's part of learning after all. Shudder at the thought. Er, would my wife have spotted this treasure and plucked it from said bin, unlikely. So it is probably residing in a land-fill far, far away :(


Paul said...

Truly horrific story. Buy 4 kits to make yourself feel better.

west1871 said...

Iit is right up there with its "Only a game dear" or "You should have dusted them yourself"!

It could have been worse.

Cheers Rich.

Tim Gow said...

A cruel blow, and a traumatic tale. My condolences on you loss.....

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Paul, West1871 and Tim,

Quite right, we know there is an anti-grown-up toy conspiracy out there

I'm just worried about the gleam in my young son's eye that seemed to say:

"I'll be back" ...

PS I'd follow the good doctors advice and immediately buy four more kits but if truth be told I have many more than four unmade kits already

Paul´s Bods said...

Sounds prety bad...:-/
I have a theory about landfill sites..they must be teeming with plastic and metal figs etc. Ok, the metal ones would probably have suffered from corrosion but the plastic stuff..imagine, all those figs that got abandoned in the 60´s and 70´s by the likes of us getting jobs and families etc...there must be millions of figs out there!!!Where´s my spade?? :-D

Arthur said...

Almost worthy of a Hammer Horror movie; spine chilling tale.

But it becomes a trade off - in the left hand a panzer division, in the right hand a wife and kids... tricky one sometimes (hope my wife never sees this one).

Heh, kids will be kids and we were once too (some may still be of course).


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


Spot on ;)