Saturday, 26 November 2016

New Blog found courtesy of ParadeGround 2016 connection

Battle Ground 2016 (North East of England Stockton:Middlesbrough):

Excellent Demonstration Game (Jutland 1916):

Long time since I managed to get out and "go to a show" but it was a really pleasant experience, despite "things having moved on" since my last outing. Hot things seemed to be Sci-Fi, Zombie Horror and 28mm plastics (replacing 15mm all things of 15mm) or 15/10/6mm WWII kits. My old school 15mm ancients and 20mm WWII were hard to find. Still it was great rummaging through stuff "bargain hunting". A comment from a trader seemed to be "most  people were looking and buying tit-bits rather than huge armies".

Impressively "shiny" new items found were:
As it was I stuck to my old projects with a modest purchase of:
  • Millennium Falcon for X-Wings, the Rebels need Han and Chewy
  • 28mm Warlord Games Scots Lancers (ECW/Scottish Montrose Campaign
  • 8 x 15mm Carthaginian Citizen Spearmen going cheap in a "bargain bucket"
  • 20mm Britannia Miniatures Sherman ARV  
  • 20mm Britannia Miniatures Matilda II CS
  • 20mm Britannia Miniatures British Paratroopers PIAT Team, 2" Mortar Team

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