Thursday, 10 November 2016

Plastic Soldier Company Marder II's (Plastic Frenzy #3)

The assembly line process continues apace. I shall let the pictures do the talking. Plastic Soldier Company Marder II (see below, late version with higher profile but better turret traverse) :

They fitted together like a dream. For the third remaining kit I did the earlier version so I could use it with an earlier purchased UM Marder II (see below, UM being the undercoated base yellow one):

They fit well together, but a nice touch is the PSC rolled up canvas coverings (see below):

This means I think I have the "Royal Flush" of German Tank Destroyer types, from the lowly Pz I (with a Czech 4.7cm gun) through the Marder II's, the Stugs, JagdPanzer IV, JagdPanther, not forgetting the Hetzer and finally the JagdTiger.

This means I have to fill my remaining holes in the 150mm support gun category, which is a Bison and Grille (again on the 38t chasis). From teh front cover of the PSC artwork I was hoping they were going tp come to my rescue here, but alas that may be for another pack at a later date.

Note: I resisted the urge to build the Pz 38t as I already have a formation of Fujimi Pz 38t's and I had the inking that the PSC woudl have 'stood large' by way of comparison.


Al said...

nice one, I must get some of these

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Wot no Elephant on your list?

chris said...

Really nice kits, well done. I have always liked these tank hunters.

Monty said...

Excellent work, Geordie!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks gents
Yes they are sweet

Elephants yes, I have two both Italian post Kursk (as in they have a hull MG)