Monday, 14 November 2016

Don't Panic ... but Arrrgh .. Airfix, Hormby and Scaletrix ... Not Again!!!

How did I miss all this going on? Brexit and the American Election perhaps!

James May in February:

Then in June:

Note: Around that time (June/July) I saw the Hornby ranges disappear out of all places my local Garden Centre (one of those many national/regional chains). When I asked an shop attendant she said they were going bust but I  paid that no attention as I doubted the significance of this. I guessed they were not moving these products and were going to use the space to sell, well er, garden stuff.

BBC news:

Now tonight I stop into a small toy store to pick up some modelling glue only to be told that they do not stock Airfix anymore and Hornby are in trouble? Or are they just centralising their stockists?

The Airfix website still seems to be trading though on "reduced stock" IMHO. Does anybody know better what is going on? Am I best to keep my "Airfix attic" for future Antique Roadshows?

Would appreciate anyone else's thoughts!


DaveM said...

The latest rumours started swirling about in Sept. You might find this interesting:

Cheers, Dave

Paul´s Bods said...

It Looks very much like they are going to the wall. Basically, if hornby crashes, the rest go with. Why, IMHO, will they go bust? The modelling market is too diverse..not only in Terms of scale (at the start it was all 1/76th(72nd) and 1/32nd, 1/56th was a twinkle in the glue fumed filled eyes of most of us) but of subject matter, the likes of GW taking a large market share in anything that a Youngster is likely to touch..if at all. What younster wouldn´t want a snotling painted in septic green (or whatever colour that particular green is called by GW today) when compared to an historical aircraft and not only an historical aircraft, but one that Needs all the parts putting together, and putting together in a prescribed order. Such activity Requires a modicum of Patience, a trait seemingly lacking in the "I want it now " generation
And kits require Plans!!!Plans!? It´s all most of them can do to get a set of Ikea instructions the right way up.
Youngsters These days have overdeveloped thumbs usefull only for operating smartphones..the fingers are used only to Support the devices. Also, it (model making) can involve history and knowing about it. I remember (it´s an effort to think that far back but I will try) that as one got older (around about School leaving age), history and kits became looked down upon, "Nerdy", Childish. Admitting to making them after leaving School was tantamount to a social offence worthy of being chased down the road. Best was to shoot them up with an airpistol to prove you were past that Phase.
Now, History can be called up via Google and the necesssity to get Close to it by sticking odd bits of plastic together and, god forbid, painting the resulting model, is, as far as I can tell, way beneath them. After all.they can get realistic representations on near damned everything on a screen, Tanks, planes, all eras and troop types and they move, shoot and things blow up on said screen..and best of all, they don´t Need glues or paint. If it don´t beep, peep and light up or vibrate whilst peeping and beeping, it aint worth a second look.
Add to that, Airfix/Hornby have sort of negative Old School Backgrounds, harking back to the days when Kids wore Shorts and the dads smoked pipes. Or was that the other way around? I did say it was an effort to think that far back.
Save your Airfix day they will be worth more, in Terms of cash and nostalgia, than they are now. Or better still, make them, paint them and enyoy them while it lasts :-D

Tim Gow said...

Looking at the share price, after a couple of years of stability it plummeted in February 2016. They have a new Finance Director and the statement of interm results for the 6 months to the end of September is due any day now.

If you want Airfix stuff - buy it. Now. If you don't support the company financially then don't grumble if they go bust!

Stryker said...

I worked for 20 years in the toy trade (up to 2001) and frankly I'm amazed Airfix is still going and sadly I think they will go under for all the same reasons that the toy trade nose dived - kids just aren't interested in toys or models or at least not in the numbers necessary to keep Airfix afloat. Hornby may continue assuming the adult model train market is surviving at a viable level.

My suggestion is buy 2 of everything you can then make one and stick the other in a cupboard!