Friday, 4 November 2016

Nancy: These Boots Are Made For Walking ... Vietnam Route 66

On a cold wintry night some years back I weathered from the cold in WH Smiths. Mooching around the magazine section I spied those that come with attached toys. I could see "cast-offs" from pervious weeks and one caught my eye, although damaged this Vietnam era truch with quad 50 calibre browning machine guns packed a bit of a punch. Already reduced I sensed a bargain and as it has bee in advertantly stepped on "I barttered it down to a quid" (see "Nancy" below - no doubt in tribute to Nancy Sina):

Well for several years it has languished up in the loft, in bits (see below, front on):

Being a "dinky die-cast" with plastic parts superglue came to the rescue (see below, side profile):

I think it will do very well next to the M113's and light American armour (Sheridan's) but I think I will need to matte and dust it down as it is a bit too shiny for my taste. Other bloggers have done "good jobs" with these magazine freebies. I am wondering is this the way of the future buying die-cast? I have acquired many such models over the years "in ones" here and there. At least they come "combat ready" instead of "to be cut off the sprue". Price wise they are pretty much the same. You may tell I am beginning to advance in years!

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