Saturday, 24 October 2020

Note to Self: Painting Russian WWII Tanks

It started with a simple question, "What Vallejo colour do I use as the base colour for Russian WWII tanks?" Plastic Soldier Painting Guide for my T70 and T34 says "Russian Green" [Vallejo Model Colour 70.894 which seems to make sense] but I got slightly more than I bargained for from my You Tube search.

 Helpful videos from You Tube, with excellent tutorials and painting results: 

The results from these videos are fantastic and mean that I will have to start weathering my models. The answer to my original question I think is: Vallejo Model Colour 71.017 (Russian Green 4BO) - which may be an air brush colour anyhow, for the professionals .. but I will have to made do with Vallejo 70.894 (see below, when did life become so complicated and I get the feeling that I should not really "care" that much?): 

Bring me a Russian WWII tank to paint while I an still of sound mind! I will work on the principle of two thin coats is better than one thick!


Martin Rapier said...

894 is fine if you are painting a full size tank. For 15mm it is a bit dark (esp over a black or grey undercoat). I use it as a base layer then do a heavy dry brush of 894 lightened with a big dollop of ochre.

Even modern Russian vehicles fade to all sorts exciting and varied shades of horrible mushroom green, and I'm sure my toy tankers have been out in the sun for a while.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Martin
Thanks for the tip
I want my models to "look nice" but by no means need to be "exhibition" standards

Having said that I am always impressed with your pain jobs :)