Thursday, 8 May 2014

16 Platoon's PIATs get a Painting Revamp

The British Infantry 20mm (from Platoon 20) metals I have painted (see past blog posts) have fulfilled their wargaming destiny by at least getting "on table" for a Normandy "Chain of Command" wargame as (confusingly) 16 Platoon of the Wiltshires during the Maltot Campaign (scenario three).They performed admirably and I was lucky enough to roll such good dice as to get me out of all the 'jams' I put my lads in.

During the game there were some (painfully accurate) remarks regarding the shininess of "Platoon 16's" metal gun bits and in particular how the "PIATs and Mortar" should be painted "Green" and NOT "Gun Metal" (keep that for GW Space Marine "Bolters" I heard someone say, naming no names 'Mr Umpire'). So before scenario four of Maltot took place I decided to get 16 Platoon combat ready by 'dulling down' the bright things as we were no longer on the 'parade ground' and they were doing some real soldiering.

I applied Vallejo 'black wash' to anything shiny (see below):

I then painted the PIATs and three inch mortar Tamiya Olive Green (XF62) and added Tamiya Yellow (XF3)
for a highlight. I did add a feint highlight of Vallejo Gun Metal to the various bits "gun metal" equipment but in a much more toned down way than before (see below):

These boys will soon be pursuing the Germans through the contested streets of Maltot village. Watch this space!


Paul Foster said...

Sounds good. Quite a bit of khaki grey canvas webbing on these as well.

Rivet counters eh?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Ahead of my posts check out the AAR that featured these boys from 16 Platoon (Wiltshires) in "Tomorrow, When the Revolution Begins":