Saturday, 31 May 2014

Playing Around With Bigger Stuff

While I had my 20mm Russian toys out on the painting tray, my children started circling and paying far too much interest in proceedings. Subtle hints like "What's on TV?" and "Do you want to play in the garden?" were to no avail. As a way of  'the last line of defense or rather sacrifice' I threw down my youngest son's Airfix 1/32nd infantry sets (and the Pound Store equivalents) onto the table as a "soak off" offering for them to paint. Not satisfied by just playing with the figures alone they started first PVA'ing them (copyiing me) and then going for the "full-on" painting them. So I surrendered my last few remaining Games Workshop 'wet/damp but getting gelled-up' paint pots over to them and likewise gave the kids a few of my 'larger' brushes to work with (see below, farewell GW paints at least they will be used this way):

The results were quite interesting (see below, Games Workshop Tanned Flesh undercoat, then with a PVA mixed together with a generous "Anita's Acrylic Brown of some description' splodge):

My daughter took particular interest in the classic DAK "grenade thrower" (good choice of figure) and I have to say I quite like the results in a purely "artistic sense" (see below):

At least this allowed my Russian Esci/Italeri 20mm figure to "escape" unscathed ;)


Andrew Saunders said...

I enjoy letting my kids loose with the brushes the colour combo's are always interesting

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

And their fun is even more legitimate than ours too ;)

Let that imagination and creativity run riot :)