Tuesday, 20 May 2014

"Chain of Command" Maltot Village (2): Contact

The newly acquired adjutant from Company Headquarters does his job and the Vickers HMG Team deploys into the second story of "Red House," effectively splitting the board into two halves (stopping Fritz from moving left to right) this allows the Platoon Senior NCO to take control of the British left hand side (see below):

"Red House" is reinforced with an infantry section that deploys its Bren Team alongside the Vickers HMG for sixteen dice of death on "over-watch" now facing down the road. The only down side being they don't have "line of sight" to an occupied German farmhouse on the left hand side of the road, still you can't have everything (see below):

Then a "strange event occurred" as in whenever you roll four sixes on your five command dice you consult an interesting chart. The Tommies found a stash of Calvados Brandy hidden away in "Red House". It was liberated generating a +1 Force Morale modifier as Lt Pringle said, "We can drink it later!", so perhaps Pringle ain't all that bad after all: (see below)

More British troops deploy on the left flank. Without knowing where the Germans are just now it seems by default the British are going to race down the left and refuse the right (see below):

The second part of Lt Pringle's master-plan comes into play. "Timmy the Tank" rumbles onto the end of the road and sets itself up in a dominant blocking/supporting position (see below):

Luckily Timmy can see the left hand side farmhouse being used as a German MG42 nest. "Load HE, target left 400 yards. Ready. Fire!"


Paul Foster said...

Go Timmy!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Wait till Timmy sees a Tiger ;)