Thursday, 22 May 2014

"Chain of Command" Maltot Village (4): The Firefight Starts

The Germans desperately looked deep into their kitchen cupboard for some anti-armour assets with a "decent range" as "Timmy the Tank" was keeping a very respectful distance from the German infantry. The PanzerSchrek team was called up in haste. It is seen lurking sinisterly in a French side-alley for a passing Allied Sherman (see below):

Meanwhile the Vickers HMG was creating  havoc and death in the the "Big Grey Farmhouse" (see below):

Then Timmy joined in and the Germans realised they had come to the wrong party and "bugged out" (see below):

On the far British left the PBI strung themselves out in line and advanced onto the German positions (see below):

This time it was the sound of German safety catches making the ominous clicking noises.

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